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July 20, 2004

CogniTens and InspectionAir Gauge sign distribution agreement

Ramat Hasharon, Israel, April 2nd 2004 – CogniTens Ltd., a manufacturer of 3D non-contact measurement solutions, announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with InspectionAir Gauge Limited of Canada for the distribution of its 3D non-contact measurement systems. Under this agreement, InspectionAir Gauge will sell CogniTens manual and automated 3D measurement systems to the automotive and aerospace markets in Canada. InspectionAir Gauge (IAG) is one of the leading manufacturers of checking fixtures and gauges to Automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers in Canada, and its decision to promote CogniTens’ non-contact measurement systems is a natural step to answering its customers’ needs for intelligent high-end non-contact measurement systems in their product development and manufacturing operations.

Commenting on this latest distribution agreement, Rony Homossany, CogniTens’ VP Sales, says: “It was mutual customers of CogniTens and IAG that brought us working together.” Mr. Homossany added: “ InspectionAir Gauge brings the technical knowledge of the checking fixture market, and the technical expertise to comprehend, and promote, the added value that CogniTens’ systems can provide when compared to traditional part gauging methods.”

Ray Sparnaay, General Manager of InspectionAir Gauge says: “The checking fixture industry is extremely competitive. For InspectionAir Gauge to keep its leadership position, we must continuously improve our offerings, and CogniTens’ measurement solutions have demonstrated the ability to provide much value for several of our mutual customers. CogniTens’ systems have proved outstanding correlation to conventional gauging methods, while providing substantial additional value in terms of comprehensive data and time reduction during product development, ramp-up and launch support.” Mr. Sparnaay added that “CogniTens has become a valuable partner in our operations, and we are happy to be able to promote the company’s measurement solutions.”

Optigo and OptiCell systems are implemented in factory environments, allowing quick characterization of parts and assemblies, and acquisition of measurement data in formats, which can be readily used by engineering teams. This data can help to significantly shorten product development cycles, reduce vehicle program tooling costs, accelerate production ramp-up, and improve product quality, potentially saving millions of dollars per vehicle program.

CogniTens is a supplier for non-contact 3D measurement solutions for industrial applications. The company's systems use a unique combination of accuracy and superior image acquisition capabilities that enable them to perform accurate measurements on the shop floor. CogniTens, established in 1995, has a subsidiary company in Wixom, Michigan responsible for all its North American operations, and a subsidiary in Tokyo. Amongst its customers are leading automotive and aerospace manufacturers such as BMW, Toyota, Boeing, Ford, General Motors, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Benteler, Suzuki, Yamaha and others.

InspectionAir Gauge Limited is Canada’s leading checking fixture and gauge manufacturer providing measurement tools to OEMs and tier 1 suppliers since 1963. InspectionAir focused on designing and manufacturing air gauge and attribute type gauges specifically for General Motors and Ford Motor Company. Over time the product offering expanded to include relation gauges for most transmission and engine components again utilizing air-gauging technology. In the past 15 years InspectionAir product offerings have continued to remain concurrent with available technology. IAG is the only manufacturer of dedicated inspection systems in Canada that provides such a diversified product offering, including manual and automated inspection systems for jet engine components, plastic/ metal injection molded automotive components, Sheet-metal stampings and precision-machined components.

For further information contact:
Mr. Zvika Rotem, VP Marketing
Tel: +972-3-548-8226

InspectionAir Gauge
Mr. Ray Sparnaay
General Manager
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December 2003

The Office for the Study of Automotive Transportation (OSAT) proves Optigo200 performs as well as a CMM for Sheet-metal applications.

The study conducted at the University of Michigan pitted the measurement capabilities of a typical Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) against a Cognitens Optigo 200. The main purpose of the test was to validate whether an Optigo 200 is a viable alternative to the traditional lab based CMM as an inspection tool for sheet-metal inspection requirements.

“The overall conclusion of this study is that the Optigo 200 system represents a viable measurement system alternative for automotive body manufacturing in terms of measurement system capability”

The Optigo 200 and its fully integrated software suite allows for detailed graphical deviation reports of large point cloud data compared directly to the CAD model real-time. This method of point cloud to CAD comparison is a revolutionary method allowing Quality and Engineering professionals alike to have a better grasp on product quality. Cogniten’s suite of software also includes full digital and virtual assembly capabilities allowing the operator to not only compare part to CAD but to compare multiple parts to each other simultaneously to analyze fit and function. It truly provides more detail in a fraction of the time of a CMM in a far more simplified reporting format.

“The Optigo system offers significant advantages over traditional discrete point measurement systems in terms of diagnostic capability. The system provides the ability to fully measure a panel shape and thus the potential to make better decisions on how best to resolve downstream process dimensional concerns.”

The complete report can be downloaded for review from the OSAT website. The document outlines the equipment operation, the methods used and the results of the test as compared to a typical CMM. For direct access use the following link:

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