3D Non-Contact Systems

Automated Non-contact Measurement System

InspectionAir specializes in design and build of automated measurement Cells, utilizing the WLS400 scanning system and the latest in robotic technology. The WLS400 features high-resolution CCD cameras for precise measurement. Images are captures from a variety of surfaces in milli-seconds with a single push of a button. This renders accurate and fast measurements on the shop floor impervious of lighting conditions, temperature or vibration. Custom developed algorithims turn 2D images into 3D models in real time. Multiple system outputs include dense cloud-points, single points, holes, slots, cross-sections, colour map reports, and digital assemblies.

The Cells are completely flexible, so for new or changed Projects all that will be needed new are simple Part-holidng fixtures. The Fixtures are coded to error-proof the measurement cycles. The Program Cycles are developed to suit each Part of Assembly.

Uses in Product Development

  • Stamping-Die try-out, short production runs, die finger printing
  • Digital Assembly for verification of assemblies, dies, molds, Flush and gap
  • Assembly process development - welding tool verification and prototype development
  • Root cause analysis
  • Virtual assemblies for pre-production verification of stampings - over and under bend conditions, engineering stack ups

Inspection Services/Reverse Engineering

We not only sell and support the WLS400 system, we also provide our inspection services. With the WLS400 being so versatile and transportable we can bring our system to your facility and measure your parts at the die source or at the production line.

Services Available

  • Inspection and Analysis of parts
  • Die and Mould Finger Printing
  • Virtual Build Studies before or during production
  • Welding Cell set up and verification of complicated assemblies
  • Reverse Engineering with cad files available in UG, Catia V4 & 5, SDRC IDEAS, IGES/Optigo 200 outputs -STL and XYZ file formats