InspectionAir started in the precision gauging business addressing requirements in the powertrain areas of the Auto Industry. We have expanded our offering to include sheetmetal fixture and white light measurement systems.

We provide solutions for parts and assemblies that include:

  •  Components and assemblies
  •  Frame components and assemblies
  •  A,B & C-pillars
  •  Bodysides
  •  Plastics Components & Assembly Fixtures
  •  Buck Gauges
  •  Class B reinforcements throughout the vehicle

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Check Fixtures

Check Fixtures InspectionAir Gauge uses the latest in 3D solid modeling software for all its designing needs. Product files along with GD&T; can be received in all native formats and can be posted to our private FTP site. We are on the source lists for design & build for: FCA Ford Motor Company General Motors Toyota Our highly skilled design and manufacturing staff can design & build many types of fixtures from materials such as steel, aluminum and fixture composites. Our fixture capabilities include: Attribute Full Form Fixtures S.P.C. Checking Fixtures CMM Holding Fixtures Prototype Fixtures Assembly Fixtures Laser Fixtures Assembly Aid Benches/Work Stations

Precision Gauges

Precision Gauges We offer custom designed and manufactured gauges for engine, transmission and Aerospace components such as Crankshafts, Cylinder Blocks, Cylinder Heads, Intake Manifolds, Front Covers, Valve Covers, Oil Pans, Valve Bodies, Stator Shafts, Transmission Housings, Fuel Tanks, Impellers and more.These may be IN-PROCESS or FINAL (audit) Gauges. Air Gauges Using pneumatic technology we design and manufacture Air Gauges to measure internal and external Diameters with fine tolerances. We produce gauges for measuring Major and Minor Diameters of Splines with such technology also. These gauges are interfaced with Electronic Instrumentation to display the results in Analog or Digital format. Each Gauge is supplied with Min. and Max. Masters for calibrating the Instrument. Attribute/Indicator Gauge These Gauges (also known as Relation Gauges) check the relationship between machined or cast features and their respective Datums defined by the Customer's GD&T; e.g. True-Position, Profile, Perpendicularity,…

3D Non-Contact Systems

3D Non-Contact Systems Automated Non-contact Measurement System InspectionAir specializes in design and build of automated measurement Cells, utilizing the WLS400 scanning system and the latest in robotic technology. The WLS400 features high-resolution CCD cameras for precise measurement. Images are captures from a variety of surfaces in milli-seconds with a single push of a button. This renders accurate and fast measurements on the shop floor impervious of lighting conditions, temperature or vibration. Custom developed algorithims turn 2D images into 3D models in real time. Multiple system outputs include dense cloud-points, single points, holes, slots, cross-sections, colour map reports, and digital assemblies. The Cells are completely flexible, so for new or changed Projects all that will be needed new are simple Part-holidng fixtures. The Fixtures are coded to error-proof the measurement cycles. The Program Cycles are developed to suit each Part of Assembly. Uses in Product Development Stamping-Die try-out,…