Precision Gauges

We offer custom designed and manufactured gauges for engine, transmission and Aerospace components such as Crankshafts, Cylinder Blocks, Cylinder Heads, Intake Manifolds, Front Covers, Valve Covers, Oil Pans, Valve Bodies, Stator Shafts, Transmission Housings, Fuel Tanks, Impellers and more.These may be IN-PROCESS or FINAL (audit) Gauges.

Air Gauges

Using pneumatic technology we design and manufacture Air Gauges to measure internal and external Diameters with fine tolerances. We produce gauges for measuring Major and Minor Diameters of Splines with such technology also. These gauges are interfaced with Electronic Instrumentation to display the results in Analog or Digital format. Each Gauge is supplied with Min. and Max. Masters for calibrating the Instrument.

Attribute/Indicator Gauge

These Gauges (also known as Relation Gauges) check the relationship between machined or cast features and their respective Datums defined by the Customer's GD&T; e.g. True-Position, Profile, Perpendicularity, Flatness, etc. can be checked accurately with these types of Gauges.

Computerized Manual/Automatic Gauges

These Gauges allow all measured data to be stored for SPC purposes. X-Bar and R-Bar Graphs, Histrograms, and Trend Charts can be displayed for tracking process control. Part Graphics are utilized as an aide for assisting the Operator.

Employing current measurement devices e.g. LVDTs, Laser Sensors etc., we are able to report measurements within 10% accuracy. To enhance productivity and/or 100% inspection, the Gauge can be interfaced with a PLC to automate the Gauging Cycle.

Precision Masters

InspectionAir has the ability to manufacture Masters to tolerances at sub-micron levels:

  • Part-like Masters
  • AGD Standard Master Disks and Master Rings

CMM Part-Holding

Custom designed Part-holding Datum Fixtures allow our Customers to measure their Parts on a CMM during proto-typing and/or production.

Design Review, Testing & Automation

Thorough critique and review of the Gauge design takes place between our engineers and manufacturing foreman, prior to submitting it to our Customers for their approval. This process ensures greater viability of our product.

Before our Customer buys off on the Gauge, we conduct our own testing of the Gauge, which includes Dimensional Inspection of the Gauge on a Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine, GR&R;, and a Correlation (Accuracy) Study.

Each Gauge shipped to our Customer is accompanied by the applicable documents such as an Inspection Report, GR&R; Report, and a Correlation Report.